Creating Leaders of Movement with Matthew Uohara

Aug 12, 2021

We have to admit that this episode's guest is the most humble guest we have so far. We have Matthew Uohara a strength coach. He is one of those people on social media that keeps our minds working, he is a source of information. His stuff is so informative that every time I checked on his last post I learn something.

So in this episode we talked about what makes him both effective and informative.  How is he able to equip himself with the vast knowledge of PRI exercises and movement in general.

You'll hear:
1. The most valuable ways a strength coach can learn.
2. Understanding the theory of the application as a valuable way of learning.
3. How an aspiring strength coach can effectively learn.

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Deadass Training with Junil Rodriguez

Aug 05, 2021

This episode is going to be fun. In today's podcast we have the bubbly "Global Trainer" Junil Rodriguez who we are very proud of what she has accomplished as a trainer and in this episode we talked about her experience being in the corporate gym and her transition to becoming a private trainer which she enjoyed a lot because it gave her freedom. We also talked about her experience as a global trainer, and gym awkward moments. 

You'll hear:

1. How Junil got into fitness and how she transition from corporate to private.
2. Difference between gen pop and an athlete client and who you prefer to work with.
3. What makes Junil cringe about in the fitness industry.

To learn more about Junil connect with her here: @thejunmethod

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Craig Grows Up

Aug 02, 2021

This episode is going to be a little different than our usual for we will be introducing Craig Owen. Craig was once our "FORMER" intern though we grabbed him and hired him as one of our coaches Craig will always be our "FORMER INTERN". So stay tuned and see what makes Craig special that we hired him.

To learn more about Craig checkout Instagram: @_craigowen

If you like this episode, then please do us a favor and share it with your friends on Instagram and tag us @compoundperformance_ and @mattdomney
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Thinking Outside the Box with Grant Fowler

Jul 29, 2021

In this episode we have Grant Fowler who shared with us of what makes him a very interesting coach and why his making buzz on social media. His way of learning intrigues some of us and on this chat we talked about his exposure to alternative medicine as the answer. He shares on what possible way we apply apply alternative medicine to our trainings. He also added that being subjective made him a better coach.

 You'll hear:
1. The Subjective and the objective ways of coaching you client
2. Fear as a motivator to help your client.
3. What makes Grant angry in the fitness industry.

About Grant Fowler:
The Holistic, Science-Driven, Relentless Pursuit of High-Performance.

Learn more about Grant here: @flower_fitness_spt

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"Thicc and Bouncy" with Tim Riley

Jul 22, 2021

We just had a good time with Tim, we talked a lot of things and had some laughs. We talked about how a person's physique can be deceiving and that when someone look strong doesn't mean he/she can do all types of exercise.


About Tim Riley

About Tim Riley:
I’m a personal trainer & lead sports performance coach at the Kollective in Austin, Tx. Currently, I’m coaching/directing the strength & conditioning program for our NFL off-season group. With camps starting soon my attention will be focused on preparing for our inaugural Pre-Draft process next year. Im the creator of the “Knee Pain Program” which is a comprehensive guide to improving jumper’s knee. I’ve also got a show on my YouTube channel called “Coach Me Up” where I interview coaches in an effort to understand their methodology.
I’m a simple man. I’m a father. I love to lift heavy, run fast, get massive pumps, and dunk on people. I’m a...
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Not Your Average Golf Training with Andrew Hannon

Jul 15, 2021

In this episode we have Andrew a Golf Performance Specialist and with this interview we talked about what is the fun and hard part on making a program for both in-person and remote clients and how to communicate with them.

Andrew also shares his principle of training and how to give to your client space to have fun and that being flexible and blending will in order to cater a various range of clients.

You'll hear:

1. Andrew's principle of training and Fitness in general.
2. What makes Andrew angry in the Fitness Industry.
3. How do you deliver and communicate with your remote clients.


About Andrew Hannon 

Andrew started as an athlete in a small town in Kansas where he participated in three sports in high school. His sports career continued at Baker University where he played baseball and basketball. During that time Andrew began to find his true passion for fitness and performance. While majoring in Exercise Science his knowledge on fitness and health continued to grow....

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Evan Peikon is Meta!

Jul 13, 2021

Yes!  Evan really is the Meta of fitness. Wait until you hear what he says in the podcast.

We talked about how technology and data research helped Evan in his practice in the fitness industry. He also mentioned how a medical equipment can be a source of data for research and use it as a tool on how to make a proper program for a client.

And as always Evan also answered one of our only scripted question. What he hates about the fitness industry.

You'll Hear:
1. How Evan make it to Fitness Industry.
2. Can an Athlete really push harder than what they can?
3. If there is a measurement if an athlete reach his peak.
4. Finger Flexor Strength as the limiter for heavy people in terms of climbing.
5. What makes Evan angry in the Fitness Industry.



About Evan Peikon

Evan Peikon is an integrative physiologist with an interest in enhancing human performance through the use of technology, better training practices, and cutting edge research and design. Evan has...

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Cutting Through the Bulls#!t with Derek Akunne

Jul 13, 2021

"People will respect you if you refer them out."

That came from our guest Derek saying "just cut through the Bulls#it and be straight be forward". Don't pretend to know something because you can't coach everyone. Refer your client to someone who can truly help them because that way you can gain there respect.

Derek also answered our only scripted question "What he hates about the Fitness Industry.

You'll Hear
1. What a Clinician does and what a coach can do in a powerlifitng athlete injury.
2. Derek's advice to improve client buy-in.
3. What Derek hates in the Fitness indusry.

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Sadly, Bill Werkman was Killed in the Recording of this Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Will Berkman with Bill Werkman!

Yes! Social Media famous guy Will Berkman is on the show. So we assume that some of you might already know him.
In this talk Will talked about how he went famous and how he took advantage of the social media to share creativity and cool stuff may it be fun or
informative. We also talked about being yourself and authentic is what resunates you and makes people come to you.

1. How creativity got Will Berkman famous during pandemic
2. Making joke without being personal to someone
3. Being Authentic.
4. The Pros and cons of social media.
5. What bothers Will in the Fitness Industry.

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"I'm a Cool Chick" with Sahmura Gonzalez

Jul 01, 2021

A good listener and empathetic are the basic skills you need in order to work with people.

That is what our guest Sahmura Gonzalez taught us that being a good listener, empathetic and a good communicator are the skills she have that make her standout when transitioning out of a corporate gym.

She also talks about when to leave and what you need to know before leaving the corporate gym.

We also ask her on her take the difference between a Trainer and a Health Coach. What makes her angry about the Fitness Industry.

Sahmura Gonzalez is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Personal Trainer in NYC. She holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and completed her Integrative Health Coaching Professional Training at the Department of Integrative Medicine at Duke University.  
Over the nine years that Sahmura has spent in the fitness, health, and wellness industry, she has trained and coached over 20,000 sessions and worked with hundreds of...
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