Compound Performance 

Set your standard. Then raise it. 

We're setting the new standard for coaching. Both in-person and remote.


"One of the best things I did when I decided to start my personal training business was to work with Compound Performance. Can't say enough good things about the value. Highly recommend!"


Kyle Dobbs and Matt Domney have a combined 25 years in coaching, and a combined 15 years in management. Kyle formed Compound Performance in 2018, and hired Matt in 2019. Since then, they've been single-focused on raising the standard of fitness education and coaching. 

Athletic Dominance

Dominate the competition. On the field, on the court, or a pick-up game with friends. 

Athletic Dominance


Business Development. Biomechanics. Program Design. Nutrition. We're setting the standard in coach development. Raise your standard, here. 

The Standard

Strength, Refined

 Dominate everything from the weight room to the platform with our fully individualized coaching. 

Strength, Refined

The Compound Weekly.

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