Thoughts as Deep as His Squats with the Flexibull

Sep 02, 2021

On this episode we Jeff Wolf aka the @theflexibull and we talked about what made him a successful trainer and flexibility. We started with how he got into different modalities of fitness that gave him the experience and the edge among trainers. With him who experience and get to deal with a vast spectrum of clients, he believes that his passion and experience plays a big part of what he have accomplished. He also added that as an aspiring coach/trainer to have to get yourselves enough knowledge and be exposed to a lot of situations with your clients because it is from there that you will gain a true experience. Jeff also said to instill to your clients the all the knowledge they need and care for them and you will rip a very rewarding benefits of it one day.
We also talked about Stretching and Flexibility and the misconceptions around those two when it is added to a strength training conversation.
Jeff also stressed that what makes him angry in the Fitness Industry right now is some people's unwillingness to engage to any sort of intellectual discussion.
You'll hear: 1. How gearing yourself of knowledge with different modalities of fitness gives you an edge. 2. Three things that you can utilize to change somebody's life. 3. The important factor you should know to be successful as a trainer. 4 The gap between Strength Training and Stretching/Flexibility. 5. The misconceptions of flexibility.
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