Coaching Champions with Joey Flexx

Aug 19, 2021

We have in our show Joey Flexx.

In today's episode Joey shares how he trains and the importance of building relationships he has to his people and building champions.

He mentions that becoming a champion does not happen overnight it require time, hard work and a good relationship.

Joey also talks about being true and honest to his people and that every coach should have this quality and not accept clients for the wrong reasons. Clients should be taken care of and referring them to someone that can really help them is the way to do it.

You'll hear:
1. How champions are built.
2. Tips on how to retain clients.
3. Innovate, move forward and be consistent.
4. A good conversation to help your people.

A staggering 25% of the Gold medalist of the RAW division is under his radar so keep an eye out.

Joey is a full time online powerlifting coach in the LA area; An elite powerlifter who has competed in the USPA, USAPL federations and has coached at the IPF World level on multiple occasions. He has helped lifters from all over the world - novice to elite. Along with that, he has produced multiple state, national and world champions. In addition to producing elite powerlifters, Joseph has helped countless individuals build confidence in the gym, strong bodies, and a competitor's mentality. With an ever growing roster, he prides himself on unparalleled communication and provides the path to keep you moving towards your next PR. Whether your goals are on the platform, in the gym, or on the scale.

Checkout more of Joey's work here:
Joey Flexx on Instagram


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