5 Inch Inseams with Clifton Harski

Aug 26, 2021

In this episode we have Clifton Harski and we talked about his experience on how he got into fitness and how he landed as the Director of Education at PPSC. We also talked about him trolling and having fun in this "Memening" age.

Cliff also shares his experience with injury and the travels he went.

The best part of this interview is when Cliff got into talking about certifications and how him and PPSC worked together to give coaches and clients the proper care and education they need to move on with life.

Cliff also gave us details on how and what they really do in PPSC.

You'll hear:
1. Why most people take certification over workshops.
2. Idea of how certifications are made
3. The 3 tenants that PPSC operates
4. Self-Importance is destroying the fitness industry

Learn More for Clifton:
Instagram @cliftonharski



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