Athletic Development with Ryan Hopkins

Sep 16, 2021

On this episode we have Ryan Hopkins who runs a very successful gym and in this chat he shares his knowledge on how he was able to outrun the struggles he encountered in making his own and opening his own facility. We talked about paying attention to things you should know in running your own space. 

Also in this episode we talked a lot about our experiences as a trainer and how we would have made things better for the good of the clients. We also talked about the difference between an in-person and an online training and how clients responds to that type of training.

If you don't know what your are doing as a trainer or you are not knowledgeable enough to give that training to a client you better give them to someone who really can help them. 

 You'll hear:
1. The Do's and Dont's in opening your own space.
2. Things you should know to maximize your facility.
3. The pro's and con's of in-person and remote training.


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