Hair Care with Steve Calarco

Sep 09, 2021

Don't be confused with the title! Steve just had this very nice face that we have to talk about our hair and our beards. If you can see that cover you'll probably know what we are talking about. 

In this Episode we started with the poll discussion (if you can remember) of wether a trainer knows their own worth OR the clients know their trainer's worth which comes down to confidence in your continued education.

Our education plays a big part for us as coaches/ trainer it's we meet like mind people that we can build relationship with and broaden our knowledge even more. We also tackled trainer and client relationship and how we should keep professional boundary.

Young coaches that does not know that much who jump to being a business mentor and fitness influencer does not have enough knowledge and experience is ruining the fitness industry.


You'll Hear:
1. Factors to consider to knowing your worth as a coach.
2. What coaches overvalue for financial gain.
3. Setting professional boundaries with your client
4. What to look when you are hiring additional coach.



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