"Thicc and Bouncy" with Tim Riley

Jul 22, 2021

We just had a good time with Tim, we talked a lot of things and had some laughs. We talked about how a person's physique can be deceiving and that when someone look strong doesn't mean he/she can do all types of exercise.


About Tim Riley

About Tim Riley:
I’m a personal trainer & lead sports performance coach at the Kollective in Austin, Tx. Currently, I’m coaching/directing the strength & conditioning program for our NFL off-season group. With camps starting soon my attention will be focused on preparing for our inaugural Pre-Draft process next year. Im the creator of the “Knee Pain Program” which is a comprehensive guide to improving jumper’s knee. I’ve also got a show on my YouTube channel called “Coach Me Up” where I interview coaches in an effort to understand their methodology.
I’m a simple man. I’m a father. I love to lift heavy, run fast, get massive pumps, and dunk on people. I’m a CERTIFIED meat rocket and proud member 100kg dunk club (rare air people). I use the Ric Flair “WHOO” in excess and eat my steak medium rare/rare. I’m still waiting on Matt Domney to submit a rim grab video. 


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