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Personality assessments and communication strategies, discovery of personal strengths, weaknesses and core values, identification of personal training and programming principles, development of business plan.

Here’s What to Expect After 10 Weeks of working together:

Uncover the key to client success

Training environment/target client/client intake

Business planning/strengths analysis/behavioral archetyping/core values and training principles

OKR's/eisenhower matrix/assessment and programing considerations

Physics/Muscle Physiology

Deep Dive into Human Movement, building prep + accessories from a biomechanical perspective, energy system development.

Learning how to best serve your demographic, diversify revenue and scale a business.

Building the skeleton of your training model around client goals, discussion of periodization schemes.

Service model/leadership and coaching styles/revenue streams and business scaling

Progressing and regressing training exercises, building individual training sessions, building out an exercise library, and build excell spreadsheets

Case study review/bringing it all together

Bonus’ training from Branding and Marketing experts
Jennifer Dmuchowski & Beverley Simpson

Jennifer Dmuchowski was a born and raised Jersey girl, studied Graphic Design at JMU and worked as a graphic designer in NYC and DC. While working in the corporate world, she discovered her passion for fitness and soon became a personal trainer by early morning and graphics design from 9-5. In 2016 she jumped from the corporate ship and found a new passion for her life through the combination of design and fitness. Over the last four years Jennifer helped create a boutique fitness gym from the brand and marketing side to the fitness development and training aspect which eventually led her to take the leap and go out on her own creating her own business. Covering topics from building your brand to social media development, Jennifer’s goal is to empower fitness professionals to learn how to create their own business and brand through the power of marketing and design.

Beverley Simpson is a Former Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan, New York turned online business owner. Currently a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist. (NASM CPT, FMS I & II, PN2, SFG I,) and dozens more certifications in movement. Passionate about the science of training, and has helped hundreds of trainers package their genius into products and selling their services using their content without feeling sleaze-y.

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Collectively, we’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours investing in development. 

We have coached and consulted with 100s of fitness business across the nation and coached 100s of trainers teaching them the process inside this mentorship because it works!

Clients and coaches come back so that they can learn and implement revolutionary fitness education to get their clients results that last which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue.

But the reality is most people don’t care to put in the effort, and if they do, they’re missing key information and implementation skills required to guarantee results which is exactly why we’ve put together this proven system inside the group mentorship.

Because we want to get this type of education in the hands of as many coaches as possible


Because we want to help more people get the results they want from coaches like you who actually care about transformation.

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About Us

Kyle Dobbs

Owner of Compound Performance, and has trained 15,000+ sessions and helped other facilities and coaches implement a system that works. I have extensive experience in education, human movement, and biomechanics to help athletes and clients achieve their fullest potential in movement.

Matt Domney

Head Coach at Compound Performance, Former Fitness Manager at Equinox. In addition to my Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, I have spent thousands of hours studying biomechanics, and ways to increase human performance, In addition to the extensive experience training sessions and helping personal trainers.