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Personality assessments and communication strategies, discovery of personal strengths, weaknesses and core values, identification of personal training and programming principles, development of business plan.

Here’s What to Expect After 10 Weeks of working together:

Core values, Training Principles, and Intro to Case Study.

Business Planning, Pricing, Autnomics, and Nervous System

Ideal Demographic, Environment, BPS, Upper Body Skeletal

Intake, Assessment, Lowerbody Skeletal

Training Model, Exercise Selection, Upper Body Muscle

Programming Case Study - Gen Pop, Lower Body Muscle

Programming Case Study - Athlete, Gait, Propulsion Models, Tensegrity Models

Programming Case Study - hypertrophy and Strength, Energy Systems

Social Media and Marketing, Triplaner Movement

Plyometrics and Power Development

And These Bonus Gets Trainings:

Jason St. Clair  and Dr. Keaton Worland
Bridging Rehab to Training

Dr. Jason St Clair is the owner of Rise Physical Therapy in Charleston SC.  He a broad certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.  In addition to practicing as a full time clinician he also serves as an Adjunct Instructor for the MUSC DPT program.  Jason’s mission is to bridge the gap between rehab and performance.  He believes our job as rehab professionals should be to get patients out of the medical system as quickly and safely as possible.  
Dr. Keaton Worland is a physical therapist, movement coach, and clinical mentor that has focused his career on understanding the pain to performance continuum.  Through his studies of the various movement systems, Keaton believes that we can integrate the neurology of movement with a strong biomechanical understanding to maximize client outcomes.  This is something he deep dives during his clinical mentorship and builds into his programs.  At this time Keaton works in the Saint Louis metropolitan area where he utilizes this principle driven approach.  If you want to connect with Keaton you can find him under the IG handle @keaton.worland.dpt or on his website

Phil Daru
Art of Coaching

A world renowned strength and conditioning coach and is the founder of Daru Strong, a brand dedicated to helping one’s performance, life, longevity, personal growth, and becoming the best versions of themselves. Phil also owns and operates the Daru Strong Performance Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Phil has worked with some of the most elite athletes and fighters in the world such as: Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Jr. Dos Santos, King Mo Lawal, Tecia Torres, Colby Covington and over 80 Pro fighters each week. Phil’s resume also includes World renowned celebrities, NFL players, World Champion Boxers, UFC fighters and Olympic athletes. For over 10 years, Phil has been training the top athletes because of his ability to improve performance such as power, strength, speed, agility, mobility, and endurance.

His resume includes World renowned celebrities, NFL players, World Champion Boxers, UFC fighters and Olympic athletes. When it comes to combat sports training along with strength and conditioning, Phil is truly the best in the industry.  Phil and his methodologies have been seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, The Luke Thomas Podcast, Spike TV, The Schmo, Fighters Only Magazine, UFC embedded, Mark Bell’s Power Podcast, Espn +, Elliott Hulse’s Strength Camp, The NFL Network, Joe Defranco’s Industrial Podcast Show and in many books around the world. By watching, listening and following Phil’s training methods, you will be able to truly dominate all of your training goals at the most elite level.

David Grey
Gait Mechanics

David Grey is a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist specializing in Rehabilitation and Performance. He works with clients from all over the world, from office workers to Olympians and professional athletes competing at the highest level in sport. His research and training has brought him across the globe, learning from some of the greatest minds in movement, S&C, gymnastics, stretching & mobility, Chinese martial arts and biomechanics. David integrates many systems and methods and takes a holistic approach to helping people get out of pain and improve performance. He has spoken and delivered workshops internationally and regularly coaches and consults for some of the best minds in the industry.


Evan Peikon is an integrative physiologist with an interest in enhancing human performance through the use of technology, better training practices, and cutting edge research and design. Evan has experience working as a consultant for professional sports teams, special operations performance groups, as well as biotechnology companies who are invested in enhancing human performance. Evan is also a sports scientist and performance coach at the Training Think Tank  where he works with athletes across the United States and internationally. 

Bonus’ training from Branding and Marketing experts
Jennifer Dmuchowski & Beverley Simpson

Jennifer Dmuchowski was a born and raised Jersey girl, studied Graphic Design at JMU and worked as a graphic designer in NYC and DC. While working in the corporate world, she discovered her passion for fitness and soon became a personal trainer by early morning and graphics design from 9-5. In 2016 she jumped from the corporate ship and found a new passion for her life through the combination of design and fitness. Over the last four years Jennifer helped create a boutique fitness gym from the brand and marketing side to the fitness development and training aspect which eventually led her to take the leap and go out on her own creating her own business. Covering topics from building your brand to social media development, Jennifer’s goal is to empower fitness professionals to learn how to create their own business and brand through the power of marketing and design.

Beverley Simpson is a Former Fitness Manager for Crunch in Manhattan, New York turned online business owner. Currently a certified personal trainer and pre/postnatal specialist. (NASM CPT, FMS I & II, PN2, SFG I,) and dozens more certifications in movement. Passionate about the science of training, and has helped hundreds of trainers package their genius into products and selling their services using their content without feeling sleaze-y.

Another Bonus Training on Behavior Change with
Gerard Friedman & Sahmura Gonzalez

Gerard Friedman, MS, ATC, A-CFHC is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Functional Health Coach. Gerard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training, a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, and is a certified Functional Health Coach through the ADAPT Functional Health Coach Institute. 
Gerard has spent over 15 years in the fitness industry, and has seen countless trainers make the same mistakes regarding lifestyle and behavior coaching. He has witnessed too many clients fail to achieve their goals, and trainers struggle to retain clients over the long run. Gerard is motivated to raise the bar of the industry, and help trainers communicate with their clients in a way that leads to client success, fulfillment, and a long standing, professional relationship. 
Sahmura Gonzalez is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and Personal Trainer in NYC. She holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and completed her Integrative Health Coaching Professional Training at the Department of Integrative Medicine at Duke University.  
Over the nine years that Sahmura has spent in the fitness, health, and wellness industry, she has trained and coached over 20,000 sessions and worked with hundreds of clients with a wide variety of backgrounds and goals. 

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