Talking Rehab with Mike DeMille

Oct 07, 2021

Mike DeMille on the show today, and we're talking about filling the gap between Physical Therapy and Personal Training.

Mike is an athlete, a baseball player before making it in the fitness industry as a physical therapist.  With extensive PRI education, Mike shares his vision for how he sees the fitness industry and clinicians working together to improve care to patients and clients.

You'll hear:

1. Difference between In-Network and Out-Network Physical Therapy Practitioners
2. The truth about educations for clinicians
3. The right application but not seeing the reason behind.
4. The pros and cons of social media in the fitness industry

Mike DeMille is a Postural Restoration Certified practitioner who treats patients dealing with chronic pain and progresses his patients back to an active lifestyle of weight training and their other favorite healthy activities. Mike graduated from Springfield College with a Doctor of Physical Therapy where he also pitched for the varsity baseball team.
Mike uses his unique skill set and knowledge base to provide corrective exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and capacity training while recognizing the natural asymmetries of the human body to provide a custom plan of care and optimize results.
Divergence Physical Therapy and Wellness If you're a PT who's taken PRI and interested in applying it learn more here: Divergence PT's Solidify Course Mike on Instagram

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