Stuck in Canada with Alex Effer

Jul 01, 2021

In this episode we have Alex Effer the founder and the owner if Resilient Training and Rehab. We had him for 2 hours but only recorded the last hour of our chat.
Get to know Alex on how he grow and develops his assessment. We also talked about how he gets idea outside fitness and rehab and use it for his business. Alex also
talked about What happens to a body in a stiffness or Compression. Alex shared a lot of information that we know interest you. So enjoy.

Biggest Take Aways:
1. About Alex Effer 00:49
2. Being Knowledgeable but not yet marketable 05:00
3. What happens in Compression 09:48
4. How getting ideas outside fitness and rehab helped. 18:20
5. How to know when you are doing something right 22:29
6. How Alex assess client virtually and in person 26:00
7. Credit grabbing, The pros and the cons of social media 45:37
8. Difference between health and performance 52:56

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