Raising the Industry Standard in Q3

Jun 30, 2021

Q3 Group Mentorship Is Officially Open

In this episode we are talking about the upcoming Q3 GROUP MENTORSHIP that we are about to launch. Listen up and take a sneak peek of the
cool stuff that we prepared for you. For those who already joined the previous Mentorships you'll hear new stuff because we reformatted the entire
curicullum to give everyone more to learn.

You'll also hear how we spend the 10 weeks together.

Biggest Takeaways:
What's inside the Mentorship - 02:14
Our Goal - 04:40
The Mentorship Weekly Courses - 08:15

Enrollment for Q3 Group Mentorship is now open. We officially start July 17th. Learn how to create outcomes and turn them into incomes. Grab your spot here.

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