Podcasting with Adhesions with Derek Miles

Nov 18, 2021

On this episode we have Derek Miles of Barbell Medicine and we talked about what is the life of a Physical Therapist which he answered and shared the things that he does day to day.

We talked about the good and the bad things that social media has brought the fitness industry. We talked about opportunity of getting to know someone who have the same interest as you do. Then talked a little spicy on what makes him mad in the fitness industry where he answered that Yes, fitness industry somehow is a sales job and it is a confidence game but the over confident people who does not have enough knowledge is taking over the ones that really knows what they are doing.

You'll Hear:

1. The idea of working with a raw and novice athlete where we can mold them the way we can.
2. A good group of people to work on.
3. How to work with people who is overthinking and scared.
4. Doing more for client satisfaction.

Learn More About Derek here:

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