Holistic Services

We provide the education and tools needed to build your business and fill in the gaps!


Host a Seminar!

We provide one or two day seminars that cover personal, training, and business development!

Do you operate a facility, and are you interested in hosting one of our seminars for coaches in your area?

We would love to talk to you about both in-house and external facing education at your facility! We help with marketing and payment processing throughout the process as well!

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Behavior Change Intensive

We have recruited two coaches that both have thousands of coaching hours on their resume, as well as education specifically focused on behavioral change and driving client adherence, to create a 6 week course aimed at increasing your client’s buy-in, training frequency, and overall results!

Sahmura Gonzalez and Gerard Friedman combine their training in Health Coaching with their experience as Master Trainers in NYC to help bridge the gap between training and lifestyle!

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Marketing Mini-Course

We understand that being a badass trainer is only half the battle when it comes to carving out a career in this industry.  Trainers are have to understand how to market themselves on social media, build websites and email campaigns, and even create ads to insure that their business is truly reaching its potential!

We've recruited Beverley Simpson and Jennifer Dmuchowski to run you through the skills needed to fully brand and market yourself to your ideal consumers! 


"I was frustrated with the lack of direction with my team and know that it all started with me taking ownership of our shortcomings. Kyle has done a tremendous job of orchestrating a plan that helps not only me to be able to connect with my team and lead them more efficiently, but it has left my team interacting with one another more efficiently as well. If you need an effective business coach without all the nonsense that you will typically get from other business coaches, then you owe it to yourself and your team to reach out to Kyle."

MIke Coval
Owner, Coval Fitness