On Imposter Syndrom

Aug 13, 2019

The truth is that I have imposter syndrome, every successful person I’ve ever known has imposter syndrome.. if you want to do truly great things you’ll never be doing “well enough.” That doesn’t mean you’re not doing well though, and that you don’t have a valid message to share.
Imposter syndrome isn’t a bad thing, it’s often a necessary stimulus to push harder. Self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety are a part of anything involving risk for good reason, they provide the spark for growth, and they fact that you’re going through probably signifies that you’re on the right path.
Simply seeking to be “good” at something leads to complacency but seeking out “great” will inherently lead to insecurity, as you’re acutely aware that there will always be more to do. Enjoy the push and put your message out there, sometimes you have to jump in the deep end.


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