On Goal Selection

Aug 13, 2019
What’s behind a goal? Is it born out of expertise or ignorance, inherent motivations or (often arbitrary) social norms?
In my experience the majority of potential clients that I’ve interacted with have come to me with a goal, but very little knowledge of the lifestyle considerations or cost involved in achieving that goal. How do you turn the subjective to the objective, the qualitative to the quantitative, the abstract to reality? How do you bridge the gap and set them up to succeed?
Understanding WHO your client is, WHAT they want to achieve, and WHY they are pursuing it will allow you to intelligently discuss HOW you can help them along the way. Your intake process matters, the questions you ask matter, and allowing them to articulate their perceptions without interrupting matters. As trainers, we tend to see training as a priority as that is what our bias dictates, but often fail to understand the obstacles our clients face from a coherence standpoint. Questions to ask yourself;
  1. Have you accurately identified your demographic?
  2. Do you understand their lifestyle considerations and restraints? 
  3. Do you market to them respective to these factors? 
  4. Are you speaking their language?
  5. Does your training align with their needs (micro and macro)? 
  6. Are you addressing their needs within your programming?

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