The Hero's Journey

Aug 13, 2019

Storytelling is one of the most instrumental tools that humans developed towards evolution. The ability to learn, and teach, through the experience of others allowed for the growth of language, community, and modeling. A common theme in the learning process is the “Hero’s Journey” and almost every story you know, from the Bible to the Avengers story arc, follows it. ⁣

Stay with me here.. ⁣

Every client wants to be the hero in their own journey, and every session is classically set up as a Journey in itself. We start with character development (goals/needs analysis), move into anticipation and plot development (prep), ramp into the challenge and adversity arc (strength BRO), and finish with the climactic reward (cooldown and reinforcement). Following this plan will almost always lead to client engagement as it’s literally in our DNA to be stimulated by this “story.” Too little or too much challenge leads to disinterest and an inability to relate once the novelty wears off. This process is also extremely similar to The dopaminergic anticipation/challenge/achievement arc.. that’s probably not a coincidence. ⁣

Do you tell your clients a story, and are THEY the Hero? ⁣

Or are YOU?⁣


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