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Meet Our Team!

Kyle Dobbs

Hello, a bit about myself. 

I was born in the rural midwest where I grew up spending as much time as I could outside.  I started playing basketball and running track at a young age and continued those athletic aspirations through the college level.  I had several injuries throughout my career and fell in love with strength training while rehabbing a knee injury in college and the rest is history.  I graduated with a double major in biology and chemistry, moved to NYC with my (now) wife, and quickly began my career in personal training. 

Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a personal trainer (20,000 plus sessions), a facility manager (multiple revenue records), and a national PT and education director (1,000 plus employees). I’ve dedicated my professional career to helping both clients and trainers reach their goals and now I want to help you! 

I’m confident that Compound Performance can guide you, whether your goal is personal or professional, reach the level of success you’re striving for!

Matt Domney

Hello, my name is Matt Domney.

My fitness journey began at a young age. When I was a child, I enrolled in Martial Arts to keep active. I trained actively in Karate from the time I was 4 until I was 23. During that time, I had a few amateur kickboxing matches, and a few amateur Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches. When I realized the path to becoming a professional fighter was not feasible for me, I realized it was time to pivot.

I started weight training in college, and quickly fell in love with it. I started putting friends of mine through workouts, and realized I truly enjoyed coaching and making people stronger. This led me to become a personal trainer, which is a career that I still love to this day.

Although I have dedicated a lot of resources to education throughout my career I've come to value applied principles over specific methodologies. I want to take everything I have ever learned, and build a program that will make YOU better each time you walk into the gym. 

As we used to say in my martial arts career, the goal is Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Let's get started!


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