Compound Performance Programs

Helping Trainers Turn Outcomes Into Income!

Self Evalulation

We will use behavioral analysis, the identification of values and purpose, and strategies for leveraging your strengths as a means of insuring that you are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Business Development

We will focus on business planning and forecasting to insure that you are driving maximum value within the client base that you are marketing to, while also developing alternative revenue streams to reach additional demographics.  

Program Refinement

We will build out and refine your training and service models to  insure alignment in the message that you are sending to your clientele.  This process will allow you to both scale and customize your services for optimal programming and growth. 

"I was frustrated with the lack of direction with my team and knew that it all started with me taking ownership of our shortcomings. Kyle has done a tremendous job of orchestrating a plan that helps not only me to be able to connect with my team and lead them more efficiently, but it has left my team interacting with one another more efficiently as well. If you need an effective business coach without all the nonsense that you will typically get from other fitness business coaches, then you owe it to yourself & your team to get in touch with Kyle."

Mike Coval
Owner, Coval Performance

"Kyle Dobbs is one of the best fitness professionals I've ever met. He is tireless in his pursuit of best practice in all realms of helping people reach their training and performance goals, as well as mentoring other fitness professionals. I'm proud to call Kyle a colleague, a mentor, a training partner, an inspiration, and above all, a friend. ‚Äč"

Dr. Pat Davidson

"Kyle Dobbs is truly a leader in his profession. He not only exhibits mastery in training knowledge but also communication skills, habit change, nutrition, and how to build an environment directed towards your personal goals."

Dr. Michelle Boland
Owner, Michelle Boland Training and Education Director, Pure Performance Performance Training

"Coach Kyle Dobbs is the humble savage I have ever met. He treats everyone with respect and views everyone as his teacher even though he is insanely knowledgable on a broad range of topics. He lives his message day in and day out. He leads from the front and I am honored to call him a colleague and a friend!"

Dr. Ben House
Owner, Functional Medicine Costa Rica and FLO Retreat Center

"I really like Kyle's perspective on leadership and his approach to run a successful business.I asked him to do a presentation for my students on leadership and culture. The information he is sharing is extremely valuable for coaches trying to find the right employer or fitness entrepreneurs trying to build their business with a solid foundation."

Lucy Hendricks
Owner, Enhancing Life and Holistic Fitness

"Hands down I wouldn't be able to be where I am today if it wasn't for Kyle's mentorship. Kyle is my most trusted expert on strength and conditioning. Not only is his dedication to education and to the development of others top notch, he also has a community of excellent students and experts to rely on who are really good people. He laid down the fundamental foundations for me on the science behind training, how to implement training, and leadership."

Beverley Simpson
Owner, BSimpson Fitness

"I was truly blessed to have had Kyle as my first mentor. His endless support and guidance helped me to create a six figure business in less than a year. But more importantly I found an amazing human being. He is not only greatly respected for his wealth of knowledge but for his sincerity and strong values. He lives what he teaches and only wants the best for you. "

Sahmura Gonzalez


Over the last fifteen years I've grown my own successful training business, hired and developed hundreds of successful trainers, and managed multiple companies to seven figure annual revenue totals. How I can help YOU?




Individualized Business Planning

Systems Development

Marketing Strategies 

Alternative Revenue Stream Development

Training Model Development

Weekly Calls and Unlimited Email

3 Month Program





Business Planning

Systems Development

Marketing Strategies

Community and Networking

Training Model Development

Weekly Group Calls and Community Forum

3 Month Program 

Next Program Begins in January 2020!

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Leadership Training

Culture and Communication Refinement

Staff Education and Development

Operations and Systems Development

Service and Training Model Development

Marketing Alignment and Cohesion

Quarterly In-Services



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